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Discover how to change your life with low carb living

Wellness discussion

You’ll sit down with Chef Alexa to discuss your health and wellness dreams. Barriers and motivations will be identified. Together, you’ll create goals and explore how to accomplish them. 2-hour session

Introduction to the low carb way of eating

Meet with Chef Alexa to learn about the variations on the low carb ways of eating. Options include keto, paleo, and low carb variations. 1-hour session

Tailor-made meal plan based upon your unique goals

Chef Alexa will consult with you to create a meal plan based upon your health and weight goals. She will help you plan menus, determining which foods you will want to eat, following the guidelines of your low carb eating method. 1-hour session

Discounts on KetoLuxe and Low Carb Revolution foods

You’ll receive exclusive discounts on Chef Alexa’s catering, pantry, and snack foods. 4 weeks

Accountability check-ins

Chef Alexa will check in with you as needed for a 5 to 10-minute phone call or text sessions for support in your journey. Up to 20 session


You’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook community to share challenges and triumphs. 4 weeks

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