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For Independence Day, Chef Alexa made one of our favorite summer desserts, Pavlova. Did you see it on the IGTV live broadcast where we picked the winners of the #NotTodayCarbs Contest? A Pavlova makes a perfect treat for July in Indiana, because it showcases fresh berries. In Australia and New Zealand, people make it for Christmas for the same reason. Our version is gluten free, sugar free, grain free, and delicious.

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Cheese is one of my favorite foods. My mom tells me that she craved cheese while I was in the womb. I could eat my weight in cheese (that's a lot of cheese). Actually, I think I may be part cheese. At the very least, I would say I am a Cheeseatarian. The pièce de résistance is the Humboldt Fog Brûlée: a gooey goat’s milk cheese topped with a freshly torched layer of caramelized sugar. What could be better? A sugar free Cheese Brûlée is the answer to that question. Surprisingly, creating a tasty and fabulous appetizer was easy--once I discovered...

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