Media Appearances - Spring 2020

With more and more people going into self-quarantine, many are struggling to fill their time. 

The good news is that we have a mini watchlist of Sam and Alexa's media appearances from this spring. Take a look, and be sure to send the hosts some love!

Nutrition Talk with Lana

On March 24 and March 31, Sam and Alexa will be appearing on Nutrition Talk with Lana. The 2 episodes will delve into the story behind Low Carb Revolution, including Sam's incredible diabetes story. Tune in at 9 am on or watch on demand with Roku. 

Fat Fiction

Fat Fiction is a documentary that aims to reveal the truth about dietary fats, and attempts to understand how the lie that all fats are an automatic negative became so widespread. It also features individuals who managed to turn their lives around with low carb, high fat eating, including our very own Sam! 

Fat Fiction is now available to buy or rent from Amazon. 

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