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Getting to Know You

UPDATE 10.1.20

Wow! This has been awesome, finding out why you're a Low Carb Revolutionary! So that more people can participate and share, we're continuing Getting to Know You through October 31. Just answer 10 quick multiple choice and freeform answer questions to take part. Please tell us why you purchase our foods and/or coaching to be rewarded with a $10 gift card. 

Tell us about yourself in the Getting to Know You Survey here.

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Thank you for being a part of the Low Carb Revolution. For you, we cook from scratch with Chef Alexa’s original recipes. Unlike big corporate food producers, we eat these condiments, meals, and desserts just like you do. A lot of hard work and long hours go into creating this health-forward, delicious fare. We love it, though, because take pride in cooking for our fellow revolutionaries. 


Before the pandemic, we traveled the Midwest and South, hosting and attending events, to meet revolutionaries in person. We miss this connection, because it feeds our spirits to know we aren’t alone in taking steps to eat healthier. When we learn about your tastes and needs, it inspires us as to how we can better serve you.

Will you please take a minute to tell us about yourself and your preferences? When we receive messages, letters, and phone calls, it makes our day. However, we know not everyone has the time or energy to do this. So, we created a quick, 10 question survey to make it easy. BONUS: Share with us by September 30 to be entered for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Please respond to the Getting to Know You Survey here.


  • Elizabeth Schuta

    I am now a widow living alone and so glad I saw a write up in the newspaper about you. I have tried quite a few meals over the last 6 to 8 weeks and love them they work for my gluten free diet and also for my low carb lifestyle .I am now a very healthy senior citizen almost 90 years old. I particularly liked the barbecue chicken with green beans, the sausage pizza cassarole, and the coney dog cassarole. These are things I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Keep them coming.

  • Nancy White

    MarketWaagon has been a saving grace for my last 6 month of self=isolation due to Covis-19, Every week, interesting food safely appears on my doorstep keeping me from foolishly going out .

  • Emily Bailey

    Always looking for keto items. I can make most myself but caramel was outside my wheelhouse. It’s delicious! Put it on some keto ice cream last night ❤️

  • Marilyn Pickett

    I got 2 meals from the Market Wagon and throughly enjoyed them. I’m not on any kind of diet, they just sounded good and they were!!!

  • Dianne McBride

    Just ordered the 1st time as it sounded so good. Husband loved it, so have ordered a second time.

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